Bastion 14

upon awakening...

The four awoke in the blasted, dust-covered ruins of Bastion 14, apparently once a military fortification. Their own uniform appearance, plain gear, and markings suggest they were part of this bygone military. The four amnesiacs could remember nothing of their own pasts, how they came to be in the bastion, or even their own names.

The only objects that clearly did not belong in this setting were The Cube and trail of blood. Following the trail, they came upon a pair of mites and their arthropoid minions. The mites had two captives — a tengu and a kobold — who were being forced to drag a shrouded corpse.

The four overcame the mites and their pets, examined the corpse, which proved to be that of an unfamiliar humanoid being, and interviewed the mites’ captives. The two had been captured separately and were dying of thirst and hunger in the waste. Given the condition the kobold, Ketchikark, and the tengu, Jin, were in, the four had not enough time to return both to their homes before one or the other died of thirst.

After speaking to them, they decided to go to Mt. Shingo, Jin’s home, and bring Ketchikark as a prisoner.



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