The Approach to Mount Shingo

The four and their prisoners traveled for nearly a week across the ashen plain until they reached the foothills of [[Mt. Shingo]], an immense, lonely mountain. The mountain’s Lower and Upper Rift Valleys host a microclimate that has preserved life amid the surrounding desolation. Naturally, the tengu who reside their fiercely defend their home, but it came as a shock when a large party of them ambushed the four upon their approach, despite Jin’s accompanying the clockworks.

The battle went poorly for the tengu, and they fled into the maze of narrow crevasses radiating from the main path up the mountain. Scouting the area, the four found a badly wounded tengu straggler hiding in a rock niche. At first he was uncooperative, but when they searched him and removed the Filigreed Onyx Amulet he’d been wearing, it was as if a clouding had left his mind.

They interrogated the tengu and from his story deduced that another clockwork had arrived in the valley and established itself as a false prophet, supplanting Jin’s predecessor, the Elder Jin.

After some discussion, the four decided to aid Jin in infiltrating the valley and overthrowing the false prophet — hopefully learning more of their own origins in the process.



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