E7 Tracer Birch

stitch rogue


E7TracerBirch was the first evidence that the four found that there were beings upon the world like them… and yet not. They discovered E7 in the catacombs beneath Mt. Shingo, in what at first might have been mistaken for an ancient ghoul midden. It quickly became apparent that E7’s resting place was the site of a fearsome battle. The small soldier was practically buried amid a heap of ghoul bones.

He was a peculiar little creature, a construct like them, but unlike them, stitched together from the parts of many different beings. Like them, he bore what might have been the markings of some military whose patron civilization now lay buried under the Ash Plain. Here and there armor plating was affixed to his flesh, and his mouldering gear was as plain and functional as their own. A fellow soldier, then? But perhaps not from the same flag.

The four decided to awaken E7, and he joined their quest for knowledge.


E7 Tracer Birch

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