Jin, Son of the Mountain

tengu rogue, animist spiritual figure


The four rescued Jin from the clutches of a group of mites who apparently planned to eat him.

Jin is the Son of the Mountain, a figure of spiritual importance among the Tengu of Mount Shingo. He claims to be quite literally the mountain’s offspring, having emerged as an infant from a fissure in the mountain that closed once his people took him from it. He appears to have visions from time to time. The tengu apparently expect him to act as a shamanic figure, but he’ll be the first to admit that this training didn’t quite take. Jin has more talent as a rogue than anything else.

Jin asked the four to spare the life of the kobold, Ketchikark, believing that the kobold might have some spiritual significance akin to Jin’s among the nearby kobold tribe. This was despite the fact that the tengu and kobolds appear to be mortal enemies.


Jin, Son of the Mountain

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