Memory Update (3/29)

During the 3/29 session, two players had flashes:

  • Harrow once fought for a cause, the Syranite Empire.
  • Nameless once fought for a cause, the Kingdom of Hildenfeld.

The only PC who hasn’t had a flash yet is Mavis.

Memory Update

During the 2/22/2011 session, the following characters gained memories…

Flashes (spent)

Flashes (gained but not spent)

The Catacombs

Jin led the four to a natural cave entrance. Once an alternate entrance to the mountain, the tunnel had not been used by the tengu in living memory because of the dangerous monsters infesting it. Other than the presence of a tengu guard post on the other end of the tunnel, Jin couldn’t tell the party what to expect.

It was decided that Jin would go ahead with the party, while Verge remained with the two prisoners, Ketchikark and the wounded tengu, to rejoin them later once the tunnels were cleared.

The cavern was the opening where a waterfall from the rift valley above cascaded into the headwater of an underground river below. It is to this waterfall that the tengu have always committed their dead, giving their bodies to the roots of the Mountain. At the waterfall’s base, though, it became clear that someone had been fishing the tengu corpses from the pool at the bottom of the falls and, from the assortment of bones and fabric scraps nearby, cannibalizing them.

Heading deeper into the caves, the first obstacle they encountered was a crevice spanned by a narrow bridge and guarded on its far side by a pack of ghouls led by a ghast. The ghouls’ paralytic touch proved ineffective on the clockworks, but the ghast’s same ability almost proved efficacious against Nameless.

From here, the natural caverns unexpectedly joined with worked passageways of geometrically cut stone, precisely laid out and marked at intersections with carved ruins of unknown origin. A recently installed crossbow trap sprung at the party upon their entry to this area.

Beyond, a wide passageway continued in a straight line, while slightly narrower cross passageways, lined with evenly spaced niches holding dust and skeletons, stretched off in both directions as far as could be seen.

Shortly after finding E7, the four came upon an intersection where a caved-in opening rejoined the natural cavern system to the catacombs. Someone had cut an open sewer trench into the catacomb floor. This trench appeared to slope downward into the natural caverns with its origins farther ahead in the catacombs.

The four decided to explore the side passage. It quickly opened into a dank cavern whose floor was broken up by several large pits full of fetid muck. An eye on a massive tentacle emerged from one of the pits to regard the party, at which point Harrow and Jin variously identified the creature as a horrid dragon or an angry elemental. The four fled, not sure how to deal with such a powerful creature.

The catacombs continued, as did the sewer trench. Further evidence that ghouls had been active in the area led the party to discover E7 Tracer Birch in a pile of ghoul bones in one of the side passages.

They then came to the apparent source of the sewer trench, a heavy door. Inside, they surprised a party of small, pallid humanoids who were wrestling to control a lone ghoul using long poles with lassos on the ends. They loosed the ghoul on the party and gave battle. The gnomes were defeated, but not before their illusionist and one other could retreat beyond the fortifications on the other side of the room.

Soon after the gnomish gate was barred against the four (now five), archers within began firing to drive them off. The five retreated into the catacombs, to a location they deemed defensible, and debated what course to follow next.

The Approach to Mount Shingo

The four and their prisoners traveled for nearly a week across the ashen plain until they reached the foothills of [[Mt. Shingo]], an immense, lonely mountain. The mountain’s Lower and Upper Rift Valleys host a microclimate that has preserved life amid the surrounding desolation. Naturally, the tengu who reside their fiercely defend their home, but it came as a shock when a large party of them ambushed the four upon their approach, despite Jin’s accompanying the clockworks.

The battle went poorly for the tengu, and they fled into the maze of narrow crevasses radiating from the main path up the mountain. Scouting the area, the four found a badly wounded tengu straggler hiding in a rock niche. At first he was uncooperative, but when they searched him and removed the Filigreed Onyx Amulet he’d been wearing, it was as if a clouding had left his mind.

They interrogated the tengu and from his story deduced that another clockwork had arrived in the valley and established itself as a false prophet, supplanting Jin’s predecessor, the Elder Jin.

After some discussion, the four decided to aid Jin in infiltrating the valley and overthrowing the false prophet — hopefully learning more of their own origins in the process.

Bastion 14
upon awakening...

The four awoke in the blasted, dust-covered ruins of Bastion 14, apparently once a military fortification. Their own uniform appearance, plain gear, and markings suggest they were part of this bygone military. The four amnesiacs could remember nothing of their own pasts, how they came to be in the bastion, or even their own names.

The only objects that clearly did not belong in this setting were The Cube and trail of blood. Following the trail, they came upon a pair of mites and their arthropoid minions. The mites had two captives — a tengu and a kobold — who were being forced to drag a shrouded corpse.

The four overcame the mites and their pets, examined the corpse, which proved to be that of an unfamiliar humanoid being, and interviewed the mites’ captives. The two had been captured separately and were dying of thirst and hunger in the waste. Given the condition the kobold, Ketchikark, and the tengu, Jin, were in, the four had not enough time to return both to their homes before one or the other died of thirst.

After speaking to them, they decided to go to Mt. Shingo, Jin’s home, and bring Ketchikark as a prisoner.


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