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The Little That Is Known

As the four and their companions explore Geddon, they’ve begun to suspect a little of what became of the world. But there is much yet to learn.


  • The Ashen Plain. A vast, mostly flat wasteland covered in a fine layer of ash. An ancient stone highway connects to Bastion 14 and runs north and south through the plain.
  • Bastion 14. Where the four woke up.
  • The Catabcombs. A sprawling grid of underground tunnels, apparently used in ages past to inter the dead. Now infested by undead and hostile gnomes.
  • Gnomish Fortification. Located in the catacombs beneath Mt. Shingo, presumably the gateway to a gnomish survivor community.
  • The Kobold Den. Ketchikark’s home. Yet to be visited. Home to a kobold survivor community.
  • Mount Shingo. Its verdant Lower Rift Valley is home to the tengu survivor population, including Jin. What lies in the Upper Rift Valley is currently unknown.

Main Page

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